Wipeout Surf House

Surf Camp

Our beginner surf camp package is a great way to start off your new passion for surf.

Bundle your bed, board rental, surf lessons and fun

all into one affordable surf camp package.


We offer two different week long Learn to Surf Packages (6 nights/7 days)

Both packages include: rental board, rash guard, dorm bed. Boards are available for you to use all day while you are here.

3 Lessons Surf Camp Package – $160

What to expect:

You will learn to stand up correctly. This is an important basic skill that you need to master. We will help you recognize mistakes – since identifying and correcting your mistakes is the only way to improve your skills. You will then learn how to recognize good and bad waves. We teach you to paddle correctly and how to turn.

5 Lesson Surf Camp Package – $220

What to expect:

You will learn everything that is taught in the 3 lesson surf camp package, but in the two additional lessons we focus on teaching you how to duck dive. We start you out in the pool where you learn the often difficult to master duck diving maneuver sequence. Lead instructor Alex is with you in the pool the whole time.

Don’t speak Spanish? No problem – lessons are taught in English. 

Meet your instructors: Wipeout Surf House partners with the Surferos surf school. All of the instructors are total shredders and have been surfing almost all of their lives. They are also all locals from the area too – so you can know that you are supporting the community by keeping these cool guys employed.

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The surf break where we will take you to learn is literally right out our front door and we have some of the best conditions around for beginners.  Sound fun? Book your surf camp package now!

It doesn’t matter what your surf level is. There is always one wave that will make you smile.

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What backpackers say


  • As someone who travels frequently and works online all of the time I was so excited to find a hostel where I could unplug for a while! I miss the old days of travel where people talk to each other instead of their phones and where everyone enjoys the sunset together and everyone is present in the moment. With high speed internet just a short walk away I was able to check in when I needed to but loved my time at Wipeout for peace, quiet and life long friendships I made. I highly recommend this place!

    AJ Francis – Avid Traveller