Wipeout Surf House


We have everything you need


Full Kitchen

Our kitchen has everything you need to make meals with your new friends. You will find: Big fridge with a working freezer A stove &  a toaster oven Coffee maker Lots of pots and pans and dishes Plastic critter-proof bins for you to store your food in We keep our[…]

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High Speed Wifi Access

While we don’t have wifi on the property, we will give you access to use the wifi network at Esencia Nativa. There is also a great restaurant with an awesome PIZZA menu. Talk to your new friends and not to your phone Back in the good old days, we used[…]

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Surf Lessons and Rentals

Surf lessons and quality rentals is one of our best features. We partner with Surferos Surf School which has super qualified instructors that have been surfing their whole lives. They love to teach and are excited to help you master that first pop up and that first green wave! Don’t speak Spanish?[…]

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Yoga Classes

Looking for Yoga classes at the beach? Have we got a treat for you. Veteran yoga Instructor, Alexandra, holds ocean view yoga classes Monday – Friday at 8:30 am. Classes on Mondays and Fridays are held on the second floor of the restaurant at Esencia Nativa and on Tuesday, Wednesday[…]

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Shuttles and Tours

We would be happy to book any shuttle you need right at the hostel. We are also happy to help you figure out how to get to anywhere you want to go. And you are in luck that El Zonte has one of the best tour guides in El Salvador, Rivas.[…]

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What backpackers say


  • As someone who travels frequently and works online all of the time I was so excited to find a hostel where I could unplug for a while! I miss the old days of travel where people talk to each other instead of their phones and where everyone enjoys the sunset together and everyone is present in the moment. With high speed internet just a short walk away I was able to check in when I needed to but loved my time at Wipeout for peace, quiet and life long friendships I made. I highly recommend this place!

    AJ Francis – Avid Traveller