Wipeout Surf House

High Speed Wifi Access

While we don’t have wifi on the property, we will give you access to use the wifi network at Esencia Nativa. There is also a great restaurant with an awesome PIZZA menu.

Talk to your new friends and not to your phone

Back in the good old days, we used to take a trip to the café or internet hub to check in with the outside world. Wipeout Surf House is brining that back! Give yourself a break from the constant buzz.

Unplug from your online life and plug into your real life


Reserve your bed

What backpackers say


  • This place rocks! I am so tired of hanging out in hostels where everyone is on their phone trying to figure out the next great instagram post. The wifi free zone at Wipeout made it one of the best places I have stayed in a long time. I made more friends here than any other hostel on this 6month trip. I will come back for sure. Thanks Alex and crew!

    Mike – surfer, traveller, beach lover