Wipeout Surf House

Dorm Room


We have both a 4 bed dorm and an 8 bed dorm. Bunk are sturdy and beds are comfortable and everything is kept very clean and well maintained. We take pride in a nice clean dorm space for you to enjoy.


Why you will love Wipeout Surf House

Wipeout is located right on the beach at Playa El Zonte. If you are taking a surf lesson you literally only have to walk 20 meters to where you will paddle out. You can also hear the waves crashing right from your bed! How awesome is that? We have tons of hammocks with great views of the waves and the sunset. We are a wifi free zone, but you can connect in just 3 minute walk away at Esencia Nativa Hotel and Restaurant – which also happens to make the best pizza town.

We basically have the perfect setup for you to meet new lifelong friends and connect into the present moment… which, here at Wipeout, is the best place to be!!


Meet your host, Alex Novoa

Alex Novoa is your host here in Playa El Zonte. This guy  knows everything about the area and there isn’t a question you can ask that Alex can’t answer. One of Alex’s favourite things to do is to teach surfing – so if you are coming to Playa El Zonte for a lesson, this guy will take great care of you as the lead ISA certified Surf Instructor.

Our Surf House also has a full time manager on site to help you in any way you need.

The best hostel I have stayed at! I recommended it to everyone. I met so many amazing new friends I just know I will have for life.

You wont find everyone glued to their phones are our place! We talk to each other at Wipeout Surf House. We read books together, we watch the sunset together, we surf together and we connect. Come join us.

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What backpackers say


  • This place rocks! I am so tired of hanging out in hostels where everyone is on their phone trying to figure out the next great instagram post. The wifi free zone at Wipeout made it one of the best places I have stayed in a long time. I made more friends here than any other hostel on this 6month trip. I will come back for sure. Thanks Alex and crew!

    Mike – surfer, traveller, beach lover