Wipeout Surf House


Our Location

Wipout Surf House is located at Playa El Zonte (km 53) about 15 minutes north of Playa El Tunco and about a 45 minute taxi ride from the Airport. If you check us out on Google Maps you will see there is more than one entrance to Playa Zonte. If you are taking the bus, coming from the airport, you will want the last entrance. Once you get off the bus you will walk the road for about 200 meters and find Wipeout Surf House on the right.

Have no fear, however,  if you get off one stop earlier. This middle stop is considered the ‘main entrance’ and has covered picnic table and there are likely people on the bus getting off here. If you decide to get off the bus here you can come to Esencia Nativa at the end of the street in front of the beach and we can take you to the Wipeout Surf House – which is only a short 3 minute walk away.

Find more detailed information on travel to El Zonte as well as bus travel in general for El Salvador with this great Central America Bus Travel Guide: centrocoasting.com.

We also offer a pickup service at the airport for a fee of $45US.


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What backpackers say


  • As someone who travels frequently and works online all of the time I was so excited to find a hostel where I could unplug for a while! I miss the old days of travel where people talk to each other instead of their phones and where everyone enjoys the sunset together and everyone is present in the moment. With high speed internet just a short walk away I was able to check in when I needed to but loved my time at Wipeout for peace, quiet and life long friendships I made. I highly recommend this place!

    AJ Francis – Avid Traveller